Unleash the Future of Visual Brilliance with the Absenicon X Series

Experience a world of technological marvels wonders with Absenicon, the high-end display brand established in 2018 under Absen, the global leader in LED display solutions for various applications. Continuing its legacy of innovation and unparalleled quality, Absenicon proudly presents the breakthrough Absenicon X series, showcasing cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance.

What’s in the all-new Absenicon X Series?

Brace yourself for a revolutionary visual experience with the Absenicon X Series, a pinnacle of brilliance and innovation. Combining advanced image optimization technology, it brings you captivating visuals with vivid colors, clarity, and unparalleled visibility.

Let’s now unveil the host of remarkable features that make the Absenicon X Series stand out as a true game-changer.

Flip-Chip COB Technology

The X Series incorporates the revolutionary Flip-chip COB (Chip-on-Board) technology, ensuring superior image quality and exceptional color accuracy across all three screen sizes: 108”, 136”, and 163”, setting a new standard for display performance.

Interactive Touch System

Equipped with a high-precision infrared touch system, the Absenicon X Series revolutionizes interactivity, ideal for interactive kiosks, education, boardrooms, and collaborative spaces, elevating user engagement. With ± 1mm touch accuracy and support for 20-point multi-touch and smart gestures, it delivers seamless and intuitive interactions. From single-touch simplicity to two-point scaling, it offers a variety of functions, such as multipoint movement, hand erase, set background, and customizable handwriting options.

Protection for the Eyes

Introducing the eye-caring function of the Absenicon X Series — a thoughtful innovation for your visual well-being. Its non-glare surface emits uniform, soft light, designed to ease eye strain during prolonged viewing. Immerse yourself in captivating content without compromising your vision.

Versatile Installation

The Absenicon X Series offers three convenient installation methods: wall-mounted, on mobile stands, or the innovative electric lifting bracket for height adjustment and greater versatility. The all-inclusive kit streamlines setup with controller, audio, PSU, and display components, including a lift-type control box that accommodates a high 98% screen ratio, making installation and maintenance effortless. Its modular design enables easy transport to various locations, providing flexible placement options.

Intelligent System with Upgraded Performance

Designed for user-friendly excellence, this advanced display system redefines convenience, simplifying your conferencing experience. Dive into effortless connectivity with wireless screen-mirroring. Cast up to four images from participants’ devices for captivating presentations and dynamic collaboration that will elevate your conferencing experience to unprecedented heights.
Operating on Android 11.0, the Absenicon X Series comes with an intuitive interface and supports Windows* 10 through an additional OPS computer, with ultra-large memory and a powerful 4-core processor for seamless presentations and multitasking.

Commitment to Sustainability

By combining technological innovations and eco-friendly practices, the X series achieves an impressive 40% energy saving, embodying the “Absen Green” concept while excelling in power-efficient performance via Dynamic Energy Management. Equipped with Standby Screen Technology for ultra-low standby power (≤ 0.5W) and eco-friendly recyclable packaging, it is a promise of top-tier performance, intelligent functionality, and sustainability.

The Absenicon X Series thrives in various scenarios, such as Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms, Lecture Theaters, Auditoriums, Lobbies, Clubs, Exhibitions, etc., revolutionizing visual experiences across industries. Witness the remarkable transformations below, showcasing the quality and versatility of Absenicon products.


Absenicon displays were utilized for the Absen ACE Certification Training Course at One Workplace’s training room in Santa Clara, Northern California, USA. The high-quality displays provided vivid visuals, enhancing the training experience and showcasing Absenicon’s effectiveness in creating engaging learning environments.


The Absenicon displays installed in the lecture theatres of the HSBC Business School at Peking University captivate students with its vibrant visuals, creating a dynamic learning environment. Its cutting-edge technology enriches the educational experience, fostering interactive and immersive learning.


An Absenicon display transforms the Falabella Meeting Room in Santiago, Chile, into a dynamic video conferencing hub. With its brilliant visuals and advanced capabilities, the display amplifies efficient communication, ensuring crystal-clear video interactions while fostering productive and engaging discussions.

The Absenicon X Series is more than a display. It’s a gateway to endless possibilities, seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology, aesthetics, and practicality that allow you to elevate client impressions, enhance collaboration, and deliver captivating presentations with ease. Enter a captivating era of limitless brilliance through the X Series, where the display experience knows no bounds.

The Absenicon X Series heralds a new era of visual splendor, elevating display experiences to unprecedented heights. With Flip-chip COB technology, interactive touch capabilities, eye-caring features, intelligent system integration, and a multitude of other functionalities the X Series is the epitome of excellence

Unleash the full potential of your space and captivate your audience with the transformative Absenicon X Series. Contact us today to experience the remarkable world of Absenicon, where visionary possibilities turn into breathtaking reality!

As a leading player in the LED display market, Absen’s marketing team keeps you connected with the pulse of the industry. We curate and share the most up-to-date news, advancements, and success stories, ensuring that you stay ahead in the dynamic world of LED displays.

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