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Training Service

Training service is a kind of product knowledge and skill improvement service provided by Absen to customers, including ACE engineer certification training, ACP service partner training certification, and ACA sales engineer service level certification training, through the provision of training services to achieve customer success and achieve a win-win situation.

Calibration Service

Absen sends professional engineers and technicians to the customer's site to calibrate the whole screen of the display equipment.

Inspection Service

Absen sends engineers and technicians to the site to provide inspection services, comprehensive inspection of the display operation status, timely diagnosis of faults and provide complete solutions to ensure that the equipment remains in good operating condition.

Event site support

Absen sends professional engineers to the customer's activity site to provide technical support services, and to escort the customer's business activities.

Screen body cleaning guidance

Absen assigns engineers and technicians to the customer's site to provide technical guidance to the cleaning spider, remove the dust and impurities accumulated on the surface of the screen to ensure that the display mask is neat and clean.

On-site troubleshooting

Absen can dispatch engineers and technicians to the customer's site to troubleshoot the screen body, repair and debug the equipment, and solve all kinds of problems that occur during the use of the customer's display.

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