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KLCOB Series

KLCOB Series

The KLCOB series is the professional MicroLED solution by Absen. The product adopts Micro LED technology, which is stable and reliable, and has strong protective performance. The product has excellent black consistency and contrast ratio up to 15000:1, the display effect is stunning.
Pixel Pitch: 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm
Panel Dimensions(W*H*D): 600*337.5*39.3mm
Support FHD, 4K, 8K resolution

Micro LED Technology

● 3X Contrast Boost
● 4X Surface Strength
● 50% Lower Failure Rate
● 40% More Energy Efficient

Extraordinary Deep Blacks

Enhanced with a unique black polymer coating, the KLCOB series from Absen presents a uniformly deep black for an immersive visual depth. The superior black level enhancement not only intensifies color contrast but also refines the overall viewing experience to extraordinary levels.

Capture Every Brilliance

Equipped with multiple advanced Absen image optimization technologies, the KLCOB series masterfully captures and reproduces nature's majesty with stunning clarity and immersion, bringing to life an incredibly realistic and grand visual experience.

Stay Cool, Enjoy More

Leveraging advanced Micro LED and HBB common cathode technologies, the KLCOB remains cool under pressure, providing a seamless and vibrant visual experience effortlessly.

Strong Against External Impact

Absen's KLCOB leverages advanced Micro LED technology to deliver comprehensive, 360° all-around protection against external impacts, ensuring robust defense from every angle.

Small Pixel Pitch - Infinite Display

The KLCOB series features a cabinet with a versatile 16:9 aspect ratio, seamlessly integrating into displays of 2K to 8K and beyond, for a truly expansive and engaging visual experience.

Easy on the Eyes

Leveraging Micro LED technology, the KLCOB series offers a refined visual experience with reduced pixelation and homogenized light output, ensuring comfortable viewing over extended periods.

Quick and Easy Assembly

The KLCOB offers versatile installation options including stacking, wall-mounting, hanging, and precise 90° splicing, catering to a wide array of environmental requirements with ease.

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