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K V3 Series

Aspect ratio and lightweight design

The K V3 series, for retail application scenarios, is available in 1.56mm, 1.89mm, 2.5mm, 3.9mm pixel pitches. With the versatility of our 3+1+1 configuration, we make inventory management seamless for our esteemed clientele. The panel has a thickness of 39.5mm and a weight of 25kg/㎡.

• Pixel pitch of products: 1.56mm, 1.89mm, 2.5mm, 3.9mm
• Panel dimension: 750(W)*250(H)*39.5(D)mm, 1000(W)*250(H)*39.5(D)mm, 1250(W)*250(H)*39.5(D)mm

Energy-Saving Technology

Automatically turn on the black screen energy-saving mode after cutting off the signal source, it achieves efficient energy conservation, merging sustainability with cost efficiency.

Wireless Connectivity Design

Dive into seamless connectivity with our wireless connector innovation. Eliminate cable chaos and relish in swift setup and takedown.

Flexible Splicing

Unleash your creativity with our product's exceptional adaptability. Discover endless opportunities for your concepts, seamlessly fitting any environment.

Graceful L-Shaped Splicing

Unveiling our product with a signature right-angle and column aesthetic, transforming spaces with a visual allure that demands attention.

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