LED Configured to Handle Diverse TV Studio Tasks

As the pandemic still going on, the entertainment industry across the globe is continuing to be affected. Due to the restrictions on traveling, LED display offers an ideal solution for filmmakers, broadcasters and event companies in creating virtual studios and production sets. The Russian 5TV are utilizing the cutting edge LED technology from Absen, a leading global LED manufacturer, to handle various TV broadcasting and filming tasks. 

Based in St. Petersburg of Russia, 5TV is the oldest among all the Russian TV channels. Its plan was to build three cyclorama studios of 60sqm, 80sqm and 100sqm, with ceilings stretching 30sqm, 50sqm and 60sqm respectively and floor up to 60sqm. Absen’s DV and PL Lite series are configured flexibly for different requirements.

And up to now two virtual studio solutions were realized successfully and the team now are working on the third one, which will be a space where the customers can conduct kinds of activities such as shooting off of cars as if they were driving in real life.

“These are experiments for film productions of Unreal Engine, also for television production and various tasks as well”, saying the John Zhang, general manager of Absen Russian office.

In the first virtual studio solution engineered for 5TV, more than 100sqm D2V were used to create the curved LED video wall and 60sqm PL4.8W Lite the LED ceiling. From program filming, TV commercial shooting to film production and the other kinds of virtual events, the LED stages offer an inspiring and versatile solution for 5TV to empower brands, artists and producers to tell different stories.


“We are glad our partner Sound, Light and System selected Absen to work on 5TV’s virtual studio solutions”, commented John Zhang, “In these times, LED walls can really be a helpful tool in film production and delivering virtual events as the artists and producers cannot travel around. It also eliminates the needs of green screen and traveling to remote locations”.

PL Lite series, the successor of DV series, is one of the most customer-favored rental ranges in Absen’s portfolio. Featuring innovative Sidelock design, the PL Lite series supports curve of -7.5° to +10° for design flexibility. Engineered to deliver the best balance of visual performance, ease of use, robustness and budget, it boasts the advantages of light weight, quick installation and maintenance and ultra-solid performance.

In addition, with high refresh rate, wide color gamut and adjustable brightness, PL Lite is able to meet the demanding requirements of a live broadcast environment, delivering extraordinary camera-friendly visual performance.

As a leading player in the LED display market, Absen’s marketing team keeps you connected with the pulse of the industry. We curate and share the most up-to-date news, advancements, and success stories, ensuring that you stay ahead in the dynamic world of LED displays.

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