Absen Research & Development Building: A “Breathing” Architectural Marvel


R&D building at Absen Dongjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Center

A company’s R&D building embodies its personality and culture, serving as a showcase for its core technology and corporate identity.

The Absen R&D Building combines authentic corporate culture with an innovative, positive, and resilient enterprise spirit, paying homage to the classics. With an emphasis on innovation, technology, green sustainability, and the creation of a healthy lifestyle, it is poised to become an international R&D center to reflect a blend of the present and the future.

Infusion of Absen Corporate Culture

With a dedicated pursuit of the ultimate truth, Absen produces trusted products, provides trusted services, and reflects the trusted reality of life. True radiates from the exterior of the building, with its transparent glass facades demonstrating the internal workings of the R&D office to the outside world.

A modest three-tiered staircase at the entrance symbolizes the company’s journey to greater heights through the philosophy of “after three come all things.” Furthermore, it conveys an approachable and personable image of the company by preventing an overbearing sense of superiority. This design fully encapsulates Absen’s genuine and humble corporate qualities.

Throughout the indoor staircase, the dynamic “Vitality Orange” of the Absen logo has been adopted as a theme, which extends upward to the skylight. Besides aligning well with the positive and progressive corporate tone, this also promotes a strong sense of belonging among employees. Each step represents a commitment to quality while each pause represents an expression of love and pride for the team. Creating beauty together and sharing success is what we do here.


Low Carbon & Energy-efficient Green Buildings

Absen possesses a robust enterprise spirit that is characterized by responsibility and commitment. With societal development causing the depletion of resources and pollution of the environment, it is imperative to create environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible buildings through sustainable design. A green, low-carbon design philosophy is incorporated throughout the project, transforming it into a demonstration area that is both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

Natural Ventilation
As the building’s atrium extends directly to the roof, the natural wind is able to permeate the structure, creating a cold aisle effect that facilitates effective cooling and heat dissipation. As a result, the air conditioning system operates more efficiently, reducing actual energy consumption and improving the microclimate inside the building. This makes it a “breathing” architectural marvel.

Daylight and Sunshade System

Through glass curtain walls in the west-facing office area, natural lighting is used to reduce lighting energy consumption. The horizontal aluminum panels reduce the amount of solar radiation entering the interior by blocking most of the intense sunlight. In this way, the overall cooling system load is significantly reduced, the indoor thermal conditions are improved, and the building’s energy consumption is effectively reduced.


Green Development

Situated in the vicinity of multiple green parks and adjacent to the Dongjiang landscape belt, the building incorporates an aerial garden that reflects its landscape orientation and internal functional design. In addition to enhancing the exterior facade, this also provides a vibrant and healthy office environment. Natural ecology and the environment are seamlessly integrated, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the building.

There is a strong synergy between the lively vines in the building’s atrium and the modern, highly transparent glass curtain walls on the exterior that complement them. Symbolizing vitality and growth, the vines flourish in the sunlight from the east, embodying the company’s belief and pursuit of growth and progress.

Sports and Health

Inside the building, a vertical pathway is created by a set of leisurely stairs. The lobby is decorated with stepped lounging areas that encourage employees to get up and move around, adding a touch of vibrancy to the building’s atmosphere. In addition to reducing elevator usage, this initiative seeks to foster a lively ambiance and create more leisure facilities with an enjoyable environment.

『Building END』

The construction of the Absen Research and Development Building symbolizes the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and pioneering innovation. Through the infusion of a steady upward trajectory into the corporate vision, it conveys Absen’s resolution to nurture righteous values. With this endeavor, we’re painting a brighter future.

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