Absen Marks ‘The Future of Visual Excellence’ with Six New Product Series at Autumn Event 2022

Embracing its theme, ‘The Future of Visual Excellence’, Absen’s 2022 Autumn Event showcased the launch of six new product series created to meet the fast-growing needs of the global LED display market. The diversity and market-specificity of each of the new ranges is testament to the level of innovation Absen is consistently dedicated to.

Immediately capturing the attention of attendees, Absen launched the Autumn event with an innovative new product series for the virtual production market, the PR Series. Having already made considerable contributions to this market which has attracted worldwide attention in recent years for its incredible performance in filmmaking and broadcasting, Absen’s PR Series, introduced by Brian Macauto , director of virtual production , goes a step further to capture the imagination of this, one of the fastest growing sectors in visual display.

With its PR Series, Absen offers a platform of products for virtual production LED wall solutions. The PR series features excellent In Camera Visual Effects (ICVFX) and a n   innovative mechanical design to satisfy the needs of various virtual production studios. Comprised of models PR1.5, PR1.9, and PR2.5 recommended for backdrops, supported by PR3.9 and PR5.2 options to build ceilings, one design with unified operation and accessories ensures speedy size calculations, lowered management costs, simplicity of installation and flexibility of use.

Colour and lighting are key to the television and film industry, so Absen ’ s PR Series is designed to create better shooting conditions for visual effects, realised through accurate colour reproduction: 99.9% average DCI-P3 colour gamut coverage and vibrant colours from a higher colour rendering index (CRI).

Realistic and textured visual environments are assured with the HDR, 10000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio, PR Series. A refresh rate of 7680Hz and 16bit high greyscale level helps avoid visible scan-lines and ensures accurate color representations. The curve block of PR series is customizable to any angle between 0 and 7.5 degrees to build perfect curved-shape LED backdrops for virtual production studios.

Following the presentation by   Christian Czimny , industry product director , of two new product ranges for the rental staging market, Absen ’ s brand new Polaris V2 series and Neptune Series, Darren Banks, Industry Development Director of Corporate , took the stage to present a further highlight, Absen ’ s a ll-in-one COB range of products.

Autumn Event_PR fianl 2  900.png

Positioning the DvLED market as the fourth stage in the evolution of conferencing technology, in terms of experience, flexibility and image quality, Darren introduced the Absenicon X series.

The 2K FHD, direct-view, LED displays, in 108-inches, 135-inches and 163-inches versions, feature flip-chip COB technology for stunning, high contrast ratio and low moire visuals, in a strong and protected, stay cool package which not only increases viewer comfort but also lowers power consumption by 40%.  Further enhancing viewer comfort, Absen’s Deep Black surface coating enhances visual performance lowering reflection and modularisation to relieve eye fatigue. 

The premium COB technology features of Absen’s Absenicon X Series also power its Absenicon M Series of home theatre display options. Available as the M138, M165 and M220 models, the names of which identify the size in inches, the Absenicon M Series also benefits from a theatrical sound system, 98% ultra-high, screen-to-body ratio and large storage capacities of up to 32GB, as well as various screen mirroring methods, marking Absen’s first steps towards the home consumer market.

The final presentation of the event put Christian   Czimny  back on stage to present Absen’s fine pixel pitch AW Series for outdoor display, which meets the market trend which has moved smartly towards digital display over static in all outdoor advertising segments.

Absen’s AW series is an IP65-rated, all-weather and smart, self-monitoring display available in 2.5mm pitch as well as 2.8 and 3.9, with a 1.9mm pitch model currently under development.

Designed to be in the environment, the AW Series is built from aluminium, making it lighter and thinner, with a fin structure design for efficient heat dissipation to greatly prolong its service life. In more customised installations the AW Series brings a high commercial value through 90-degree splicing capabilities and superior visual effects such as naked eye 3D video. 

Bringing the Absen Autumn event to an end, Jeremy Hall , key accounts manager for Absen North America, thanked the attending value added partners for their time and support as the company launched six new series into the DvLED marketplace, with insight into Absen’s motivation that together its value-added partners will help to “Make the world shine brighter”.

As a leading player in the LED display market, Absen’s marketing team keeps you connected with the pulse of the industry. We curate and share the most up-to-date news, advancements, and success stories, ensuring that you stay ahead in the dynamic world of LED displays.

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