Absen and Yealink Join Forces to Offer Enhanced Video Conferencing Solutions

Absen, the global leading LED display solutions and service provider with 22 years professional experience, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Yealink, a provider of unified communication and collaboration solutions specializing in video conferencing, voice communications, and collaboration. Absen and Yealink are collaborating on conference equipment. Absen and Yealink will jointly develop solution in conference scenario globally. This joint solution combines Yealink’s leading Microsoft Teams Room solution with Absen’s professional LED smart screen development capabilities, providing customers unified services that cover hybrid meetings and teleworking.

*Medium-sized meeting solution

As remote collaboration becomes more prevalent within or across organizations, various data and information need to be shared, managed, and processed in real time. Absen’s seamless and ultrawide large format display combined with Yealink’s UCC solution series enhance the immersion experience of video and audio presentation in medium and large meeting rooms, which are flexible enough to allow participants to customize, splice video windows if a multi-tasking task is required. 


* Large-sized meeting solution

Absenicon products are designed with a high degree of integration, which makes installation and maintenance easier and more convenient. They are ready to be used straight out of the box, offering an excellent interactive experience through a simple operating interface, focusing on market segments such as conference, education, and consumption.

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In order to offer a more immersive meeting experience for individuals in hybrid work environments, Yealink provides simple to use and intelligent room solution designed for meeting spaces of various sizes and types. Yealink room solutions, which include featured intelligent tracking cameras, all-in-one 360-degree panoramic cameras, and noise-cancelling audio devices, deliver high-quality audio and video experiences for participants engaged in hybrid work.


“Our partnership with Yealink is an exciting one.” states Ruben Rengel, Vice President of Global Business Development at Absen. “We look forward to broadening our sales in conference applications via the Yealink network. I am confident this collaboration will yield positive results and help us reach our shared objectives.”

“Yealink is excited to partner with Absen to provide a better collaboration experience for our customers,” said Alvin Liao, Vice President of Product at Yealink. “By combining Yealink’s intelligent room solution with Absen’s world-leading display solutions, we enable an immersive meeting experience for attendees wherever they are.”

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